Maresi own brands

Maresi own brands

Strong brands with long traditions

Maresi Austria brings together well-known Austrian brands including Knabber Nossi, Inzersdorfer, Shan’shi, MARESI, Siggi, Die leichte Muh and Himmeltau all under one roof. These brands are developed and managed from our headquarters in Vienna for the Austrian and international market. 

Our marketeers invest their extensive know-how into continuously growing brands and new products. An innovative advertising mix ensures high levels of awareness, while relevance secures loyal users.

„We look after our brands and develop new products so that they contribute to the success of the company and help increase turnover.“

Maria Laubreiter, Head of Marketing, Own Brands
Die leichte Muh®

Young, dynamic and amiable – that’s “Die leichte Muh”. The products under this brand combine naturalness with levity and enjoyment. Die leichte Muh offers coffee milk and low-fat fresh milk for an active start to the day.


Himmeltau has been a byword for fine semolina for generations of children and parents since 1903. The reliable quality of the products and the particular loyalty of Himmeltau customers have made Himmeltau one of the most popular children’s brands in Austria.


Regional and sustainable: the Inzersdorfer brand has been the No. 1 ready-meal brand in Austria for decades. Inzersdorfer has been manufacturing all its products in Austria with an attention to detail for more than 145 years, using nothing more than heat to make them last longer. Under the brand motto "Alles isst gut." (a wordplay on “all is well and tastes well"), the range is made up of around 80 items in the soup, ready meal, spread and sauce product groups. Inzersdorfer products are mobile, robust and last without having to be chilled, offering high-quality, unrefrigerated convenience – exactly what you need when you’re hungry and in a hurry.

Knabber Nossi®

Knabber Nossi – the most popular snacking sausages in Austria. The Knabber Nossi brand has been on the Austrian market since 1979. An idea that became its own market with new products and flavours being created all the time. The classic snacking sausage has been followed by innovation after innovation, with new flavours coming out even today. Knabber Nossi is the alternative to all manner of crisps and sweets. Funny and cheeky TV ads give Knabber Nossi an unmistakable brand personality.


The MARESI brand has been around since 1955 and stands for top-quality Austrian dairy products. No. 1 in the coffee milk segment, plus many different types of ready-to-drink Viennese iced coffees, hot chocolates, karak chai, and powdered milk. Farms that have been operating for generations in the beautiful Austrian Alps provide delicious Alpine milk to the dairy every day, where it is turned into MARESI products of the highest quality. Under the Sennerin brand, we deliver the best Austrian dairy products to over 30 countries.

Omis schnelle Küche®

More time to enjoy – with Omis schnelle Küche! Omis schnelle Küche (“Granny’s Quick Cuisine”) stands for a wide range of high-quality, sweet frozen specialities. These products satisfy the taste of consumers with well-known Austrian recipes like Granny used to make and a quick preparation time.


Totally Asian, totally easy. Shan’shi – the market driver for Asian products in Austria – offers a wide range of products that makes enjoying authentic Asian cuisine at home easy. The brand is easily recognisable by its red and black design and stands for high-quality Asian ingredients. The range includes products from various Asian countries such as coconut milk, noodles, vegetables, soy, soy dipping sauces and ready-made sauces.


Siggi has been wowing kids and grown-ups alike with their universally popular chocolate milk and other kids’ products since 1982. A tasty treat for snack time.

Own brands with a history and a future

Strong brands and superior products – that’s our passion. And it’s a passion we bring to life by developing small and large brands alike and with sales both at home and abroad. The valuable experience we gain with our own brands has a direct impact on all the decisions we make for our partner brands.

Maresi International

Based in Austria - at home in CEE. With our locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, we reach over 50 million consumers. Through our international distribution partners, we supply Europe and the world.